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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Supreme 4

Playboy Jersey Top by Supreme

A reader requested this quite a while ago! I believe that this event was something small for a couple of GD fans where they visited the YGfamily building, but not entirely sure (feel free to correct me). Anyways, he wore a blue jersey from Supreme with the playboy symbols and his favorite number 8. 

Virgil Abloh 3

Hey guys! I'm only posting two small finds today just because I really miss Big Bang and it's getting really late for me today. GD went to Pharrell's concert I believe just recently and came back. He wore this during his visit and to the airport back! The windbreaker is from Virgil Abloh in his Off-White collection.

Windbreaker (white) by Virgil Abloh in Off-White Collection
available @ RSVP Gallery

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Maje and Louis Quatorze

Eponime Collard Dress by Maje

This is absolutely my favorite look from the Elle Korea Magazine June 2014 Issue with Victoria. I sort of wish that they put her hair in a hi-bun instead of a ponytail because hi-buns match well with collars. The dress is from Maje and the bag is from Louis Quatorze. Unfortunately, I can't find the exact color that is in the photo, but there are other colors available on the website (from red, blue, and a light blue/grey).

1TNI6RE by Louis Quatorze

Sandro and Louis Quatorze

Black and Orange Mesh Dress by Sandro

Here's another find from Victoria's shoot for the June edition of Elle magazine! She is wearing a red dress under mesh from Sandro while resting her Lous Quatorze bag on the window sill. I don't know what her shoes look like, but I just love the wood wedge because it reminds me of Deandri shoes.

H1LO07RE by Louis Quatorze

Obzee 1

ONE PIECE 5WMO2WO21000 by obzee

So I promised to do more girl groups, and what better way for me to start then with my girl crush f(x)'s Victoria! Probably after a couple of girl groups, I'll move on to Big Bang and boy groups (requests please)! Anyways, Victoria models for the recent Elle's Korea magazine. In all of her photos, she has a bag from brand Louis Quatorze. In this photo she is wearing a dress from Obzee.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Markus Lupfer 7

I was suppose to post this on the same day along with the Ashish items that Dara and Bom wore, but I completely forgot and wanted to double check if I could find the sequin black tank version that Minzy is wearing. The girls had a party at Jolibee and Minzy wore a red and black striped lip tank top. The design is from Markus Lupfer, but I could only find the grey sweater version, so it was probably customized by their stylists :)

Striped Lip Sequin Sweater by Markus Lupfer

GoodWoodNYC 3

"Mabuhai! Is that right? haha. -Love from Minzy-"

Good morning guys! Don't you guys love maknae Minzy's red hair? She's been posting a lot more pictures of her hair and her new style. She posted a couple of pictures with this outfit when the girls were headed to the Philippines for their 'All or Nothing' concert. She's holding up a lip necklace from GoodWoodNYC!

Lips Necklace Black Pink by GoodWoodNYC

Monday, May 19, 2014

Ashish 13

The girls just wrapped up their promotions in the Philippines for their 'All or Nothing' world tour! I believe I heard that Minzy and Bom are the only ones who left to go back to Korea so far. Can I just thank everyone from the Philippines (my home country ;-;) for treating 2NE1 like royalty and being so kind? The girls were given a press con and the Park sisters (Bom and Dara) wore matching Coca-Cola pieces. The pieces are both from Ashish's newest collection.

in Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear by Ashish

Kenzo x New Era

[140517] Minzy (@mingkki21): “I’m ready! Are you ready? #AON”

I swear I have been updating mainly on 2NE1, I do have to apologize, but I am just so excited for what their future holds because I swear the girls are growing so so much this year. Minzy is finding her own style, Bom is finally being a lot more exposed with the variety show Roommate, CL is being her fierce self while also showing her Chaerin side, and Dara shined a lot promoting in the Philippines. I'll try to include more Big Bang, boy groups, and girl groups (requests are welcomed)! But anyways back to maknae Minzy wearing a New Era cap by Kenzo.

Tiger Jungle-Print Twill Cap by Kenzo x New Era

GoodWoodNYC 2

MINZY: “Thank you #Goodwood I love it!”

So, I hope you guys remember the post we posted awhile ago about Minzy's lipstick necklace (here). Well we mentioned GoodWoodNYC on Twitter and they retweeted us! I don't quite know if they knew about Minzy wearing it before hand, but anyways they seem to have sent Minzy a custom made piece for 2NE1. I believe that one is a necklace and the other a bracelet though not entirely sure! Anyways go over and check them out for supporting our girls :)