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Friday, April 25, 2014

Tom Ford 6

in Spring 2014 Ready to Wear by Tom Ford

The stylists have been really experimenting with Minzy's style. It's been very different from what they usually put her in. It's also seen through her inspiration in fashion photos on Instagram. Our baby maknae is growing up so well (': Even though she is older than me, because I've follow 2NE1 since the beginning, seeing each one of their growth just makes my heart soft. Okay enough mushy memories, Minzy is wearing the thigh-high lace-up boots from Tom Ford's Spring 2014 collection.

Emilio Pucci 2

in Spring 2014 Ready to Wear by Emilio Pucci

Here comes a couple of my favorite items from the entire Vogue magazine shoot. In Dara's solo picture, she wears an oversized jacket along with a geometric pant print with a large belt. For the Minzy and Bom duo picture, Minzy is wearing a jacket from the same collection and Bom is wearing the same belt.

Alexander McQueen 19

 in Spring 2014 Ready to Wear by Alexander McQueen

Minzy is styled wearing almost a complete runway look (minus the shoes) for the Spring 2014 collection by Alexander McQueen. Instead of Minzy wearing the shoes, for her group picture with Bom, Bom is the one wearing the shoes, but in a different color.

 in Spring 2014 Ready to Wear by Alexander McQueen

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Moschino x Jeremy Scott

I'm easing my way towards the group photos. This shouldn't come as a surprise, as the girls have been wearing the Jeremy Scott designed collection for Moschino since CL's birthday. CL is wearing the gummy bear dress from the collection paired with the Spongebob polka dot booties. Also if you look at CL's jacket, it happens to be also from Jeremy Scott, but in his adidas originals collection (here on Minzy).

in Spring 2014 Ready to Wear by Moschino x Jeremy Scott

In Minzy's second solo shot, she also wore something from the collection, the cute blue bow he

in Spring 2014 Ready to Wear by Moschino x Jeremy Scott

Tom Binns 1

Gold Wire Barricade Babe Necklace by Tom Binns

Other than the Miu Miu choker, Minzy wears another statement necklace from designer Tom Binns who does a load of other statement piece jewelry.

Miu Miu 1

in Spring 2014 Ready to Wear by Miu Miu

This is another little nit-picky find to better complete all the finds that we could find from each photo. Also, it helps sharing designers that have yet to be featured on Big21Fashion! Minzy is wearing a gold choker piece from Miu Miu's Spring 2014 collection. If you click on the link above, you'll be directed to and the Miu Miu collection. All of the models in the collection are wearing almost the exact same choker, with a few little differences.

Céline 1

in Spring 2014 Ready to Wear by Céline

Other than the Prada shoes and accessories, Minzy wears Céline attire right from the runway of the Spring 2014 collection. Although you might not be able to see the skirt completey, Minzy holds up a pinstripe skirt that has been paired with anothr blue item, possibly another skirt.

Prada 4

Today, I said on Twitter that I'll be starting on Minzy's solo photos for Vogue magazine! She is wearing a multitude of pieces from many brands, so I decided to start of with the little details such as the shoes and accessories. The photo on the left, Minzy wears yellow heels with green gems from Prada. She also wears bracelets from the same collection as the heels. 

in Spring 2014 Ready to Wear by Prada

in Spring 2014 Ready to Wear by Prada

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tom Ford and Fendi

in Spring 2014 Ready to Wear by Tom Ford

CL's other look was mainly all Gucci, the same goes for this look where they styled her completely from a look on the runway of Tom Ford's Spring 2014 collection. They added two furry rings from Fendi.

Fox Metal Ring (yellow // purple)

Gucci 2

in Spring 2014 Ready to Wear by Gucci

CL's outfit is pretty much all from Gucci and will be listed with links provided in the parenthesis: black perforated suede oversized top (top), multi-lines nouveau jacquard bermuda shorts (bottoms), black matte satin jogging pants (longer bottoms), black resin and metal cuff (bracelet on CL's left), olimpia suede open-toe bottie (shoes), nouveau fringe suede shoulder bag (red bag), nouveau fringe suede shoulder bag (blue bag; under the red), and the long cardigan (no link on the site).