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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Virgil Abloh 2

I believe the girls' were on an MBC radio talk show not too long ago. They performed "Come Back Home" and "Gotta Be You." Dara wore a light blue sweatshirt designed by Virgil Abloh in his Off-White collection.

Caravaggio Sweatshirt (Blue) by Virgil Albloh in Off-White

Suigeneric New York 1

Taeyang: “Thank u #SUGENERICNYC #watch #strap”

Taeyang recently posted this on his Instagram, supporting a watch strap company called Suigeneric New York. In the very back, I believe the watch strap is from the Brit Camo selection. While the four other items lined up are still coming soon to the Keys Open Doors selection.

Check out this site: SUIGENERIC NEW YORK
Also their Instagram where they reposted this photo thanking Taeyang :)

Raf Simons 2

2NE1 is starting starting off their promotions for their second title track, "Gotta Be You." The music video is supposed to be released sometime this week, so look forward to that! Just like the last "Gotta Be You" performance, almost all the girls wore items from Raf Simons 2014 Men's line. 

Dara wore the same top that CL wore as a dress and Bom wore the same top that Minzy wore in the previous post. Minzy and CL are the only ones who wore something different. Check them out below ~

Green Mens Sleeveless Long Cluster Show Knit by Raf Simons

CL (front & back)
Oversized Top w/ Nylon Syper Print by Raf Simons

Saturday, April 5, 2014

GoodWoodNYC 1

I've been looking for what seems like forever for this find, and have finally came across it randomly! The ladies of 2NE1 were heading to Hong Kong and Minzy wore a pretty simple outfit, but added in tiny heels and this lipstick necklace that stood out the most because most of her outfit was black and white. The necklace is from GoodWoodNYC!

Lipstick Necklace Black Gold Red by GoodWoodNYC

House of Holland x Elegant Touch

Minzy: "This is my favorite dessert haha.. #houseofholland

I think this is one of my favorite nail designs I have probably ever seen! I was contemplating on whether or not to do a nail tutorial, but then realized that the nails are actually from House of Holland's collaboration with Elegant Touch. They're easily applied with nail glue :) But do mention if you want a nail tutorial!

Synn 1

MINZY: “My red heels! #synn"

Minzy recently posted a couple of pictures of her expanding school collection. One of them being these mini red heels and the other is camo flats.They're both from korean shoe brand Synn.

Betsy by Synn

MINZY: “#Synn #camo”

Drew Camo Pink by Synn

Hood by Air 6

I believe the ladies of 2NE1, as well as YG himself, all went to visit Rick Owens. They were probably trying out new outfit ideas, especially since the ladies are going to continue promotions by promoting Gotta Be You and releasing a music video next week.

Block L/S T-shirt by Hood by Air

Revé by Rene 1

Reveeyewear:"@chaelin_cl in @reveeyewear #revebyrene #reveeyewear #reve #sunglasses#eyewear #imthelimitededition #unicorn #CL #2NE1”

More from CL's photos from the OnPedder x Kenzo are revealed and one of them includes this photo where CL is wearing sunglasses with a cute unicorn horn. They're limited edition from Revé. The description on the website says "I am One mother of a Fantastic spike Rainbow sputter Candy murder This is just The tip of Me." Check out the sunglasses and the website!


Moschino x Jeremy Scott

Jeremy Scott: “MY LOVE @chaelin_cl IN MY @moschino SWEATER AND BELT AS A HEADBAND !”

I already posted about CL's Moschino sweater, she wore the sweater again for a photoshoot along with a belt turned headband. Jeremy Scott actually posted this on Twitter. How does one just think to use a belt as a headband?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Hey guys! Well I posted a bit of what the girls wore during the DKNY fashion show in Seoul (Minzy's outfit in this photo and what CL wore on the catwalk), here's what Dara is wearing when the girls were together. She is wearing a bomber jacket and a DKNY sweater along with her blue asymmetrical hairstyle. 

Token Logo Puffer Jacket by DKNY

Token Logo Sweater by DKNY